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Cargo bicycle Laanberg, 1940

Made in Voldemar Laanberg small bicycle workshop in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1940. Frame serial no 2047. illustratsioonLaanberg workshop was one of the workshops in Estonia to make three-wheel cargo bikes. The front platform section with two wheels is supported by leaf springs. In the middle of the axle there is a toggle, i.e. the platform part turns with regard to the entire rear section. The bicycle has 26x2" wheels/tyres (smaller and thicker than usual), which are identical to those used in small motocycles with 98 cm3 Sachs engine. As the bikes were manufactured individually or in small batches, the shape of the box/platform depended on the needs of the customer – this bike has an open platform box with tube railing.

Bike underwent restoration in 2005. Among other things, it received new details for the cargo platform section, instead of the old ones that had been replaced, lost or broken in the meantime (when it was used as a wheelbarrow).