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Gents’ bicycle ETK Original Luxus, 1940

Made in ETK Metal Factory in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1940.  Frame no 8116.

illustratsioonThis is the most luxurious bicycle model of ETK factory. The features that distinguish it from regular ETK Original are the following:

  • Luxus saddle (Lepper-Corona) has soft cover and four rear springs.
  • Mudguards has lateral extensions on the rider’s end.
  • Frame decorations are more intricate – in addition to stripes it uses wedge-shaped patterns in gold and silver (including the so-called "strahlenkopf" in the front); the emblem on the head tube has silver background, not red.
  • Chainwheels have smaller diameter (50/20 instead of 60/23).
  • Embellished leather tool-bag instead of tin toolbox.
  • Bracket bearings have closed capsules and felt seals have been installed between cranks and cones.
  • Decoration on the front mudguard is a flag instead of typical wheel/wing symbol (this bike, however, has a wheel emblem, because the original flag was lost). 
  • Inner links of the chain (made by Union) are nickeled.
  • Rubber cover of pedals (made by Union) have two parts and have fine “checker pattern” instead of usual X-pattern.

The bicycle has its original paint and chromed details. Wheels have original NOKIA tyres (made in Finland probably before Winter War). Bicycle is restored 2011.