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Welcome to  Estonian Bicycle Museum !

Pikk 9 Väätsa Järvamaa Estonia.   Open:  Fri, Sat, Sun  11 a.m. - 6 p.m. Other days and times by preliminary agreement (, +372 514 3262)

We cover here mainly five following major topics:

  1. Information about our Bicycle Museum, opened in Pikk 9 Väätsa Estonia
  2. Presentation of historical bicycles (related to Estonia) from  our collections (before late 1980s).
  3. Historical bicycle photos (mainly pre-WWII) in Estonia.
  4. Short overview of a bicycle as a vehicle in Estonia (before late 1980s, i.e. until the end of Soviet era).
  5. The story of Estonian bicycle industry between 1890s and 1940s

Best wishes,

Valdo Praust (

head of Estonia Bicycle Museum NGO