BicyclesEstonian bicyclesGents’ bicycle Original S, 1939

Gents’ bicycle Original S, 1939

Made in Metal Factory of Otto Saar in Tallinn, Estonia, in 1939. Frame serial number 7356. illustratsioon

Characteristic to the bike of Saare factory from the late 1930s, the front part of the frame has radiant decorative element (so-called radiant head, ‘Strahlenkopf’ in German) and nickeled rims and mudguards with wide light blue stripe, sided by narrow white stripes. The saddle has soft upholstery as typical to Original made in Saare factory.

The bicycle had heavy damages and was incomplete – it lacked wheels, chain sprocket and handlebar. Bike underwent thorough restoration in 2010 (incl. replacement of missing details and restoration of appearance).