BicyclesGerman bicyclesGents’ bicycle Dürkopp Diana, 1909

Gents’ bicycle Dürkopp Diana, 1909

Made in Bielefeld factory, Germany, frame no 421962.illustratsioon

This is a typical high and relatively short men’s bike manufactured before the World War I. The bicycle has 5/8" chain and huge front chainwheel with 58 teeth. Backwheel hub is the second-generation model of a famous German Torpedo freewheel hib.

Despite its old age (more than 100 years), virtually entire nickeled section (rims, cranks, handlebar, saddle) of the bicycle has preserved in good condition and has only minor damage. Bike has 2/3 of its original paint with remains of decorative stripes. It also has original saddle and tool bag. The saddle is from Wittkop, which is typical for Dürkopp bikes.

Partially restored in 2007-09 (incl. replacement of mudguards, rear wheel rim, and other missing or damaged details). Bicycle has been used for shooting various movies in Estonia during 2010s.