BicyclesGerman bicyclesShaft-driven bicycle Dürkopp, 1914

Shaft-diven bicycle Dürkopp, 1914

Made in Bielefeld factory, Germany, frame serial no 781388.illustratsioon

Dürkopp was one of the few bike manufacturers in continental Europe to make significant amount of shaft-diven bicycles in the 20th century. The bicycle has a Dürkopp freewheel hub (similar to Torpedo freewheel, except brakes), which is adapted to shaft-diven transmission. Otherwise (except for the shaft-diven transmission), it is a typical bike from the 1910s.

Upon receiving, the bicycle was a wreck, consisting of only a frame and basic details of shaft-diven transmission (except for the shaft itself). The bike is currently (spring 2013) undergoing restoration. We have made a replica of the shaft itself, other details (incl. minor shaft-diven details) are original. However, we still lack various minor and support details (including rare protective covers of a rear  gears).