BicyclesGerman bicyclesGents’ bicycle Dürkopp, 1913

Gents’ bicycle Dürkopp, 1913

Made in Bielefeld factory, Germany, frame no 597931.illustratsioon

This men’s bike is typical to its era – rather high but short frame, wheels intended for 28" beaded edge tyres and large chainheels/-sprockets both in front and rear. Somewhat exceptionally, in terms of the era and manufacturer, the chain has 1/2" pitch instead of 5/8". This requires using chain sprockets with huge diameter – the front chainwheel has 72 teeth, the rear sprocket has 27 teeth. Cranks with square profile connect to the bracket-bearing axle in a manner characteristic to Dürkopp bikes.

The bicycle had only its original frame, front fork, handlebar, bracket bearing axle, chainwheel and sprocket, and one pedal. It also had original pump holders and front brake system. The rest of the details were missing or replaced with others.

The bicycle underwent thorough restoration in 2011. There were replaced all missing or destroyed details – wheels, saddle, brake system, and many minor details. The rest of the parts were repaired (the frame had been welded at more than 15 places). Bicycle received a period bell, operated from front wheel.