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Cargo Bicycle Husqvarna, 1939

Husqvarna cargo bycycle model 338 was made in Sweden (Husqvarna Bicycle Factories). Frame serial no 571251.illustratsioon

This cargo bicycle has 26x2" rear wheel (it is slightly smaller than regular bike wheel and has thicker tyre) and small front wheel with 20" diameter. Above the front wheel, there is a large cargo frame for transporting goods, rigidly mounted to the main bicycle frame (90 kg cargo is allowed  by factory). Main frame has two horizontal tubes to secure the rack – one on top and one in the middle. At the bottom of the rack, there is a wound-down support.

The bicycle was preserved only partially (it had only frame and front fork). Over the time, we managed to acquire 20" front wheel and rack section. Due to that, we could start assembling the bike in spring 2013, as the rest of the details were identical to usual bikes. Thorough restoration is still ahead, but the original shape is almost already reached. The original paint of this bicycle was blue.